Eyelash extensions come in various types, styles, and materials to cater to different preferences and looks. Here are some common types of eyelash extensions:

Classic Eyelash Extensions: In this technique, one individual extension is applied to one natural eyelash. It provides a natural and enhanced look, adding length and some volume.

    Volume Eyelash Extensions: Volume lashes involve applying multiple lightweight extensions to a single natural lash. This creates a fuller, more dramatic, and voluminous effect compared to classic extensions.

    Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: Hybrid lashes combine both classic and volume techniques. They provide a middle ground between a natural look and a more dramatic appearance.

    Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions: Mega volume lashes are the most dramatic option, involving the attachment of a large number of ultra-fine extensions to a single natural lash. This creates a very bold and intense look.

    Pre-made Fans Eyelash Extensions: These are pre-made fans of extensions that are applied to natural lashes. They can save time during application and provide a voluminous effect.

    Curl Types: Eyelash extensions come in different curl types, such as J-curl (subtle curl), B-curl (medium curl), C-curl (dramatic curl), and more. The curl type affects how open and lifted the eyes appear.

    Lengths and Thicknesses: Extensions also vary in terms of length and thickness. The choice of length and thickness depends on the desired outcome and the health of your natural lashes.
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